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His work is absolutely a reflection of his life: a mixture of frustration, fears and internal emotions that the artist manages to combine and externalize in the form of sculptures full of expressiveness. She exposes these to the public to show herself as she really is. Each work is a reflection of herself.


In love with all artistic disciplines, bound to watercolor and illustration, she considers herself as immersed and trapped in sculpture works as a means of expression. Currently focused on stone and iron sculptures as a way to channel her energies.


She studied art for 10 years. Painting at the School of Craftsmen, the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, design at Barreira A + D and Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She is an associate of the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors).


In painting, She was a disciple of Álex Alemany and Eloy Morales. In sculpture, she learned from Alfonso De La Ossa and Vicente Ortí. She has been a student of José Esteve Edo, standing out in sketches. She worked as a graphic and interior designer for decoration companies. At presents, she is collaborating with photography companies, as well as an illustrator. She has also worked as a drawing and modeling teacher in different courses for children.


In 2017 he published his first artist book.


She has presented individual exhibitions throughout Spain and participated in group exhibitions in Italy and France. Her portrait of Blasco Ibáñez has been displayed at the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes during the exhibition for the 150th birth anniversary. His sculptures have appeared in large spaces such as the Bancaja Foundation or the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia. She currently collaborates and exhibits her works at Galería Alba Cabrera (Valencia) and Galería Montsequi (Madrid).




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