Laura ... painter, sculptress ... artist


     Laura Moret was born in Valencia, in 1974, in a family with an artistic tradition, both in the pictorial and musical fields, inheriting that "angel" in her right hand.


    Her drawing ability does not go unnoticed at her earliest years of school, being encouraged to paint by her family. Her control of volume and shape is incredible for a ten year old girl.


    She studied painting at the School of Craftsmen and the Fine Arts in Valencia. She designed in Barreira for 7 years and she presented her first exhibition in Foios, at the age of 29.


    Laura, enthusiastic about Leonardo and Michelangelo, achieves that portraits and bodies are the image of her Italian AURA. However, Laura Moret has moved into her own inspiration without a specific influence. According to her words, "Life has defined my painting". Her sensitivity and creativity are very special.


    Its artistic trajectory stands out for its extensive work, developed on all types of materials, from board and wood, to canvas, passing through all kinds of techniques. In addition, we find, with great pride, her collaboration in the monuments of Fallas, decorating streets, wall paintings and commercial ceilings. She has also made a lot of portraits and parchments on request.


      Her work can be found in private collections throughout Spain. Now, focused on small "gifts", shows us all her experience and artistic quality, within reach of all.




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